Success is an acquired taste of hard work, you want it? Acquire some taste. Darlene Keza.

If you know me personally, then you must know my belief in the power of sharing stories. Stories define where we came from, where we’re going. They also unite us.


I am extremely excited to share the story of Darlene Keza, a daring and indomitable young woman from Burundi.

She is the founder of Stories Behind Success (SBS), a communication agency that aims to motivate, inspire and educate Burundian youth through a magazine, leadership conferences and a blog.


I love that I stood my ground and pursued a degree in Communication at the University of Bujumbura.

My dad insisted that I study medicine because journalists are not well paid in Burundi. He was adamant about it and even threatened to not pay my fees if I went ahead to study Communication.

I knew what I wanted and was uncompromising about it. It was hard but I had my way.


After our first leadership conference at SBS, we had tens of young entrepreneurs who began their businesses and are currently in the growth phase.

Determined to equip the youth in her country,  Darlene’s vision is to help the youth create employment through entrepreneurship.

She is working on expanding the organization to other East African countries and own rights to a TV station by 2026.


I was selected to attend YALI EA this year and it has been life changing. I was amazed at the great initiatives the youth are doing. These stories must be told.

At SBS, we always encourage the youth to have a crazy dream, to disrupt the status quo.

Always work with others and follow your dreams. Actually, do not just follow them, take charge of them.

When lovely Keza is not working, she loves listening to music, sports and social spaces.





One thought on “Success is an acquired taste of hard work, you want it? Acquire some taste. Darlene Keza.

  1. Dear Darlene,I have had an inspiring read on your academic story as well as on your NGO ,SBS.Darlene,the truth is ”If you don’t fight for what you want,you end up having what you don’t want”. I am so glad that you fought for what you wanted and made it.It is so much sad that in Africa parents make academic and professional choices for their children,even when the latter don’t have any passion and motivation to pursue what their parents are compelling them to embrace!Continue moving ahead,transforming the society and empowering the youth!I believe so much that people’s lives can be changed and transformed through story telling.

    As for the rest,I wish you all the best in your journey of transforming the lives of the youth.The sky is never the limit!


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