I help the youth create their own employment. Kamya DomNick.

Have you noticed how there’s an increase of young Africans working tirelessly to transform this Continent?

It blows my mind every single day when I meet or read about brave young people who are fearlessly transforming their communities.


Kamya DomNick is one of these lionhearted fellows. He is easy going , well-mannered and polite. Having a conversation with him was riveting.

With two of his friends, they founded Bidii Yetu in 2014, a self help group located in the  Western region of Kenya. The aim of the group is to connect the youth and engage them in finding solutions for problems that affect them.

Bidii Yetu is swahili for Our Effort. All projects are funded by the youth or well wishers. The group tends to shy away from Political influence or radicalization.


They have directly engaged 30 youth through poultry farming, entrepreneurship, renewable energy and training.

You know my life was not very easy. I lost my dad at three years and had to drop out of school. 

A good Samaritan took me back to school and paid my fees up to University. I lost my mother as well. It was hard.

DomNick pursued a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration  at the University of Makerere in Uganda. He is also a YALI RLC 2017 alumnus.


He has worked for several Non Governmental organisations in the field of research.

He also  worked at Innovations for Poverty action in 2013 as Community Field Assistant and at Evidence action as process monitoring and coverage validation officer.

My vision is to help the youth create their own employment. 

There are many opportunities for everyone in life and what matters is if you can spot the open doors and walk through them.

My mantra in life is to associate with people who think differently and to overcome fear.



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