Lancing through his twenties for young freelancers and children. Romain Gabiro.

and age mate Samuel Tuyizere,

Freelancing is growing at a very fast rate in Africa. Young people are continually embracing offering services based on flexible hours to multiple clients at the same time.


20 year old Romain Gabiro in collaboration with his co founder and age mate Samuel Tuyizere, runs an online platform, which connects freelancers and employers.

Through this platform, they have created employment for seven students in Rwanda.

After facing serious hardships as students in campus, we did a research and found out that most students in Rwanda are broke most of the time yet they have many talents and only need opportunities.



We offer training services to students on freelancing and on how to make money online.

Our vision is to create at least 500 jobs by 2020 and to scale to other African countries.

Romain’s childhood was not easy after loosing his mother at eight years old.

He became responsible and had to take care of himself. In high school, he began clubs and even managed a radio station.


My biggest event to organize so far was last year dubbed “Walk to remember” which the president of Rwanda attended.

He also founded Just Spell, an English program for primary school going children which is currently running as a pilot in four secondary schools.

I am 20 years old and I do not believe in being enabled or spoon fed. Thou shall work hard and smart, okay?


It is wise to always follow your dreams, be confident and fish for a mentor that is already successful in what you are pursuing.

This saves you a lot of mistakes. For me this is just a beginning. 



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